Slim Wallets

The custom-manufactured POWR® RFID Slim Wallet will keep your cards and money safe.

Rigorous testing has shown the wallet to be 100% effective at preventing credit cards, debit cards, driver licence and ID cards that operate at a frequency of 13.56 MHz from being read. This means you’ll be protected from data skimming, electronic pickpocketing and identity theft.

However, the wallet is more than just safe – it’s super comfortable and stylish too!


  • Dual-layer RFID blocking technology to keep your cards safe.
  • Handsome, high-quality wallet featuring reinforced stitching.
  • Holds 7 bank or store cards + side pocket for notes and receipts.
  • Quick access window for displaying your work badge or ID.
  • Strong, safe and secure.



Full Description

The wallet is available in 5 different styles:

Carbon Fibre
Our new Carbon Fibre effect wallet is a stylish addition to our range. We’ve taken the classic design and added a contemporary look and feel to the finish, which is certain to impress.

Light Brown
The POWR Slim Wallet is available in a range of classic colours to suit any preference. Fashion may change over time, but high quality style and functionality last a lifetime. Our light brown wallet embodies that idea to ensure that it remains modern in the fullness of time.

Dark Brown
As with all our wallets, our dark brown version has all the characteristics of a classic design in a modern finish. High quality stitching and materials, coupled with our unique metal and gloss emblem will convince anyone that you have paid a premium for this accessory.

High end designers continue to push the perception of aesthetics through the use of colour and style. The tan/orange wallet provides a new option for anyone who likes to stay ahead of the latest fashion statement.

Saffiano / Cross hatch Textured, Black
Iconic in the fashion industry, with many Designer brands adopting this technique as their preferred choice for their leather bags. This cross-hatch finish adds an element of glamour to our best-selling design.