Buggy Clips

Struggling to carry bags while pushing your buggy? Then let POWR Baby Buggy Clips help you out! These durable and stylish clips enable you to easily hang bags or clothes from the handle or frame of your buggy – allowing you to go hands free.

We guarantee that our clips will make your life easier. No more having to push your buggy with one hand. And no more losing your bags! POWR Baby Buggy Clips are specifically designed to let your stroller take the strain, so you can focus on pushing and steering – ensuring your child is kept safe at all times.

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Full Description


  • ✓ Super-strong aluminium hooks which can hold up to 5kg of essentials.
  • ✓ Rugged adjustable hook and loop strap, allowing any thick handle or frame to be used for convenient hanging storage.
  • ✓ Universally compatible, offering quick and easy attachment for all types of buggies, prams and pushchairs.
  • ✓ Strong, safe and secure. Package Contents 2 x POWR Baby Buggy Clips. Peace of Mind No-quibble 6 months money-back guarantee from a UK company.

Additional Info:

UNIVERSAL APPLICATION – Our buggy clips are fully adjustable and can be used with 99.9% of all makes and models of buggies, prams and pushchairs. And our buggy-friendly adjustable strap ensures you can safely clip items to your POWR Baby Buggy Clips without fear of causing damage to your buggy handle or frame. Also suitable for use on bicycles and wheelchairs

STYLISH & DURABLE – We’ve selected the highest quality materials for our lightweight, stylish buggy clips. Tested for weights up to 5kg, our clips utilise the toughest Hook and Loop straps and sturdiest aluminium climbing carabiners – guaranteeing they’ll perform when you need them most!

YOUR SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY – Our POWR Baby Buggy Clips allow you to easily attach items to your buggy that you’d normally have to carry by hand: nappy bags, shopping bags, spare clothing bags, coats or your hand bag. You’ll be free to keep both hands on your stroller allowing you to push and steer your buggy correctly to ensure the safety of your child.

ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE – Having your bags at waist height means no more having to bend down to access your buggy’s under seat storage area. And our clips sophisticated design allows you to clip them on and off in seconds – making it simple to move them from your buggy to your car or shopping trolley.