Our Story

At POWR, we strive to ensure that our products are the most desirable alternative to what is offered by other sellers. Our motto is to: “Innovate not replicate”.
The POWR story began back in 2017, with the launch of our first product – The POWR Car Key Signal Blocking Pouches. The success of this product proved an instant success with buyers and allowed us to develop new ideas, in line with our well-defined mission.


POWR® Mission Statement

To provide the ultimate customer service experience, by ensuring that every customer is dealt with promptly, efficiently and respectfully. This includes all stages of the customer journey from pre-sales to post-purchase aftercare. And to offer customers a desirable alternative to standard sellers, by ensuring that we always innovate rather than replicate. To also provide the highest quality products at the best possible prices, and to promote the POWR® brand as the preferred choice for consumers from around the world.


In short, our mission is to always offer our customers the highest quality products at the best possible prices, backed by our unique POWR® customer service experience.
This combination of first-class customer service and original products has proven to be a real winner.
We regularly receive great feedback from customers – many who tell us how much they love our products.
Here’s a sample of the comments we’ve received in the last few months:

“A great little peace of mind product, pop into your wallet and you’re protected. The company itself was excellent with good communication and even sent me a third complementary card on what was already a good deal as I got three cards for what some were charging for one. So very happy all round.”


I am sure we all get through loads of charging cables and I am no different. After buying some of these very recently I was initially impressed with the build quality and look as well as the functionality. This was then compounded as this morning I found that I had dropped one of the cables on the drive and run it over with the car and it still worked perfectly. A great product at a great price.


“Absolutely brilliant works very well. Made very well too. I can stand right next to the car with the car fob in the POWR Signal Blocking Pouch and the car will not respond to me trying to get in. Don’t forget if you have a spare key fob in the house use the second one for the spare key.”

Customer feedback is vitally important to us. It helps us to understand the wants and needs of people buying our products and acts as a driver for our continual improvement business model.

Within just two years, we’ve used this to turn POWR® into a well-recognized and loved brand, with products that are consistently top sellers on Amazon.

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